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Genuine Crystal Bracelets (10mm)

Genuine Crystal Bracelets (10mm)

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I have many different bracelets both beaded and chip.  The chip bracelets and 8mm beaded bracelets are listed separately to help prevent confusion. Metaphysical properties of each bracelet are listed below.


Metaphysical Properties of Clear Quartz:

✨ Known as the master healer and can amplify energy and thoughts

✨ It absorbs, stores, and regulates energy

✨ It balances and restores the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional planes

✨ Can be used to unlock psychic abilities

✨ Aids in concentration and bringing forth memories

✨ Can be used to harmonize all the chakras

✨ Amplifies the energy of other crystal it is near

Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz:

✨ Nurtures emotional wounds to bring you back to a place of wholeness

✨ Helps aid in the stages of processing grief

✨ Helps break cycles of being too self-critical

✨ Increases compassion 

✨ Great for manifesting the best in ourselves and others 

Metaphysical Properties of Rainbow Fluorite:

✨ Cleans and purifies the body of impurities

✨ Assists in balancing brain chemicals

✨Helps increase your intuitive abilities

✨ Can help bring awareness to suppressed feelings

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