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Carnelian Towers

Carnelian Towers

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These towers are very high quality, completely natural (except for E, more details below), and breathtaking. Price is for 1 tower, please make sure you select the tower you want when checking out. Measurements are in inches, and give or take a cm. I try to get it as close as possible 💜 

Tower A: Has a natural cave with dendrites, a sugary druzy portal, and many polished Quartz inclusions. Stands 3.57” tall by .84” wide.

Tower B: Has gorgeous banded and orbs with tiny little lines of Quartz running through it, as well as many polished Quartz inclusions. Stands 3.47” tall by .84” wide.

Tower C: Has a bubble sugar druzy on the surface with circular banded, tiny little rivers of Quartz, and a unique polished Quartz inclusion that wraps all the way around. Stands 3.34” tall by .85” wide.

Tower D: This is the shortest of the Carnelian towers which means it is slightly more budget friendly but still beautiful! It has little speckle dendrites, polished Quartz inclusions that wrap all the way around it, and some banding on the bottom. Stands 2.68” tall by 1.04” wide.

Tower E: No doubt that this tower is a show stopper! The tip has a slight chip at the top which is noticeable in the pictures. I do believe this tower only has been enhanced by heat treatment to make the red coloration more vivid which is why it is highly discounted for its height and weight. I do not believe it was done by means of dye because you cannot see residual dye in any cracks or crevices, and the Quartz druzy has a natural red hue to it just like the polished Quartz inclusions. I will always do my best to disclose any man enhancement, as I know many try to steer clear of this in their collection. If you are one who does not mind man enhanced crystals, this piece is perfect to snag to add a beautiful mineral to your collection for a heavily discounted price! Stands 3.76” tall by 1.5” wide.

Carnelian Metaphysical Abilities:

✨Promotes love, joy, and positive energy  

✨Empowers you to take control of your life

✨ Anchors you to present moments

✨ Assists in banishing emotional negative and replace it with a genuine love for life 

✨ Stimulates creativity 

✨ Helps provide self-trust, as well as accept of the cycles of life 

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