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Crystal Live Deposit

Crystal Live Deposit

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Please add the deposit to your cart and follow the proper steps to checkout before claiming anything on the live sell through TikTok. This deposit will go towards your total before I post your invoice, this is to help limit the amount of ghost claimers during lives and abandoned baskets after live shows. Hopefully with this new procedure in place, we will not have anyone claiming items from underneath other customers if they are not serious about purchasing also. I do ask that when you check out you make sure to use either a current email or phone number, this will also help me not have to search through TikTok followers to find everyone who claimed during the live. Thank you everyone for the love and support!! 

This deposit will not be refundable for anyone who does not complete check out within 24 hours after the live without any communication to me. I will only hold baskets for a week with the proper communication and an addition deposit will be required within 24 hours for half the total of your basket. I do offer payment plans through Shop Pay and Paypal, and I completely understand that life happens. Sometimes unforeseen bills pop up that we cannot control, please please please just reach out to me. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, I will not shame you on social media. I am not that person. Let me know what is going on, and with proper reasoning we can work out a refund for the deposit in emergency situations. My policy for all other incidents will be a $5 store credit with the proper communication. Again, if you do not reach out to me within 24 hours of your invoice being purchased, the $5 deposit will be accepted as a tip. Communication and respect is key! Happy shopping.


xoxoxo, Hayz

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