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Genuine Crystal Bracelets (8mm)

Genuine Crystal Bracelets (8mm)

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I have many different bracelets both beaded and chip.  The chip bracelets, 6mm bracelets, and 10mm beaded bracelets are listed separately to help prevent confusion. Metaphysical properties of each bracelet are listed below.


Metaphysical Properties of Amazonite:

 ✨ Help to promote feelings of calmness while soothing tension and aggression 

✨ Thought to have tremendous healing abilities such as helping with thyroid issues and addiction to alcohol

✨ Can be used to manifest money, luck, and overall success 

✨ Helps with depression, anxiety, and overcoming past trauma



Metaphysical Properties of Crazy Lace Agate:

Sometimes referred to as the “laughter stone” because it promotes joy

 Works to elevate thoughts while promoting optimism and mental agility

Great at harmonizing Yin and Yang energies

Helps to overcome depression or feelings of despair

Uplifts self-esteem

Beneficial for self-analysis

Can help ease tensions at home or the workplace

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